Our goal is to operate a non-essential business in a pandemic environment in a capacity based on the observation of current social distancing standards. We require all customers to wear a mask, properly (over your damn nose), when entering & leaving the poolroom, approaching the bar, going to & from restrooms, etc.  Masks may only be removed when within your “bubble” at your reserved area for the purposes of eating, drinking, etc.  We have made as many changes as possible to maintain a sanitary environment, including:

-All reservations are bookended with windows to allow for the thorough cleaning of table and surrounding area before and after each booking.

-All billiard racks, balls, and house cues are sanitized between each use.

-We have redesigned our layout by removing and rearranging seating at our main bar and on the floor in order to allow for each reservation to be socially distanced from others. 

-H-Cues is now a smoke-free environment.

-Convenient hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout the poolroom.

-H-Cues has installed as many touch-free options as possible, including hands-free doors, faucets, soap dispensers, towel dispensers etc.

-Our employees will always wear a mask while in the poolroom, and use a combination of frequent hand-washing and gloves-wearing in order to reduce the likelihood of contagion spread.