Q: Is there any age restriction at H-Cues?
A: H-Cues is strictly 21 & up.  No exceptions.

Q: Is smoking allowed at H-Cues?
A: H-Cues has been a smoke-free establishment for years now.

Q: Can you reserve a table ahead of time?
A: Our online reservation system is currently disabled.  H-Cues occasionally will reserve space for larger parties.  Please call H-Cues during normal business hours for any additional information.

Q: Is free pool on Sundays still a thing?
A: Yes!  Click here for more info.

Q: Can I join a league?
A: Yes, click here for more info.

Q: Are there open entry tournaments?
A: Yes, click here for more info.

Q: Does Cooper have the knowledge?
A: Yes, Cooper is surprisingly knowledgable!