H-Cues has tournaments!

H-Cues has a tournament every Wednesday evening. If you are looking to avoid tournaments, they do not last the entire evening and often do not use all of the tables, call ahead (615-329-0690) to check on table availability.  To participate in a tournament, arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time, or call ahead to sign up. Minor details of a tournament may change depending on turnout.

Upcoming Wednesday tournaments

Wednesday 4/17/24- 9-ball

  • 7pm start, Signups cut off at 6:45pm
    Arrive or call H-Cues by 6:45pm
  • Free warmup starting at 5pm
  • $10 Entry
  • Double elimination
  • Race to 3
  • No A Players, please
  • $2.50 “blue fees”

Wednesday 4/24/24- 8-Ball

Wednesday 5/1/24- TBD
(The first Wednesday tournament each
month is always different from normal)